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to the Sanoral Dental Clinic Home Page!

We have put it together in such a way that you too can be more informed about the field of dentistry and oral surgery.
We have moved the topic menus onto the right-hand side. In the interests of user-friendly navigation, you will find hyperlinks on each side of this web page that will open up to the new pages.
We have tried to describe what there is to know in layman's terms, so that everything here can be easily understood.

Do read this so that you can be informed too!

Don't forget too that dental care means "care and maintenance work" that
is absolutely essential for us as human beings if we wish to live a full
life and look good!

Dentistry and oral surgery are complex procedures involving true teamwork.
Our work colleagues bring to this dental clinic and oral surgery a full range of dental provision with appropriate training and practise at their disposal.
Our dentists, oral surgeons, implantologist, orthodontist, pediatric dentist and our consultants working within these fields can provide full provision of appropriate expert care.
Nowadays, dentistry is no longer a uniform specialty, because many still newer and different kinds of treatment methods require that we each undergo individual training.
Dentistry and oral surgery are complex procedures involving true teamwork.
A stress-free environment
Our colleagues care about the fact that our working environment should be one free of fear, whether or not this means adult patient or children or meaning those requiring oral surgery, or desiring implant work.
Fear-free dental care is in the interests of both the patient and the
dentist treating him or her, as a high standard of patient care can only be carried out with a relaxed patient.
A stress-free environment
High-tech equipment
Our KaVo dental treatment units,
Owandy have digital diagnostic x-ray system, cutting-edge equipment,tools and materials at their disposal.
The dental and oral surgery materials made use of here have been specially picked out from vanguard-development factories.
High-tech equipment
Regular check-ups
We recommend regular check-ups for all our patients.
Regular dental check-ups ensure that dental care can continually be maintained.
It is not enough to just occasionally get our teeth looked at, but rather to undergo constant care and repair in order to keep our teeth in good condition.
Professional mouth hygiene treatment alongside care of the teeth at home is very important.

We recommend regular check-ups for all our patients.

Guarantees for treatment carried out.
All treatment undertaken at our Clinic is guaranteed.
The condition of the guarantee is that after completion of any treatment, minimally some mouth hygiene care is taken advantage of here every year and in addition to this, keeps appointments for prescribed dental check-ups, and follows the dental hygiene programmes recommended by the dentist treating them.
Appropriate home dental care is of not insignificant importance.

All treatment undertaken at our Clinic is guaranteed.

Our colleagues take part in regular refresher training courses.
In the course of university training, updating of acquired knowledge is required through continual refresher training courses.
Information about newer and newer procedures, materials used and techniques are desired, so that our colleagues are constantly updating and deepening their professional knowledge.
In these interests, every single piece of knowledge within this field is shared between us, so that in each given area, we might acquire skills to an even higher standard.

Our colleagues take part in regular refresher training courses.


1 Apply using our enquiry form and send us panoramic X-ray and pictures of your mouth.
2 We send you a personal reply with treatment plan and quotation.
3 You choose a date, book a flight and send us your details.
4 We send a confirmation via e-mail.
5 We pick you up at the airport, and take you to your hotel. You receive your treatment in our comfortable, modern, state-of-the-art dental clinic.
6 You go home full of confidence and happiness.

Transfer in Budapest
(Airport/Hotel/Dental Clinic) is free!

When you arrive to Budapest our driver will welcome you and take you to your hotel.

When you arrive to Budapest our driver will
welcome you and take you to your hotel.

We use materials of the highest quality
and the best technical services.
We feel that our fees are reasonable,
represent excellent value for money
and are consistent with the high
quality of care we deliver.

Our main dental services:

dental and oral surgery consultation for free
tooth whitening with Beyond Technology (USA)
cosmetic dentistry:aesthetic fillings, ceramic (porcelain) inlays, etc.
high quality dental implantation, bone replacement (sinus lifting)
oral surgery: tooth extraction, wisdom and other impacted tooth extrusion, cystectomia, tooth resection, etc. 
prosthodontics: metal-ceramic and zirkonium-ceramic crowns,veneers, jacket (full porcelain) crowns
prosthodontics: overdenture, metal (particular) denture, total prothesis, temporary denture, partial metal denture with precision attachment 
endodontology: endodontic treatment (root canal treatment)
pediatric dentistry
radiovisiography and X-ray

You are probably here because you are worrying about your teeth and your wallet.
Don't worry anymore!

Why do people choose Sanoral Dental Clinic?

  • best quality materials & equipment
  • free services, including airport collection, hotel booking and consultation
  • dental procedures completed in 5 days (including crowns and bridges)
  • GDC registered, fully qualified, experienced dentists
  • stress-free and comfortable treatment
  • affordable dental treatment, with savings of
  • Sanoral provides the optimal dental treatment service with a written guarantee
  • weekend appointments available
  • contact your dentist directly instead of agencies
  • what you pay for is what you get: no hidden costs
  • we are situated in Budapest - the most beautiful city in Central Europe.
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    Sanoral Dental Clinic, Budapest
    Erzsébet körút 58.
    (2nd floor) 
    1073 Budapest, Hungary
    Telefon: +361 3210577
    Mobiltelefon: +3620 259 6363

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